Polishing Your Book: Dos and Don'ts of Revision and Editing

5 Important Dos and Don’ts of Revision and Editing Before Publishing

Not so long ago and even till now, there were great writers in the realm of literature whose timeless works continue to captivate readers even today. And they would only have made their mark by sharing their revision and editing techniques.

Dan Brown, with his intriguing mysteries; George Orwell, with his thought-provoking dystopian visions; Leo Tolstoy, with his epic tales of human emotion; Ernest Hemingway, with his profound simplicity; and Jane Austen, with her timeless romantic novels.

But what was the secret behind their literary success? The secret was in the art of revision and editing – the key to polishing their books to perfection before they graced the world’s shelves.

Today, we shall embark on a journey through the enchanting world of revision and editing guided by the wisdom of these literary giants. Together, we shall uncover the dos and don’ts that will transform your rough draft into a masterpiece fit for publishing.

The Art of Revision – A Journey of Discovery

In the heart of literature, revision is akin to the alchemist’s quest to turn lead into gold. Our first stop in this magical journey is Dan Brown, the master of thrilling mysteries. Much like his characters, he weaves intricate plots and unravels them with finesse. But did you know that Dan Brown’s writing process involves multiple rounds of revision? He once remarked, “Writing isn’t a one-time event. It’s a process.”

Do: Embrace the Iterative Process

Follow Dan Brown’s footsteps, and embrace the iterative nature of revisions. Revisit your manuscript multiple times, explore new angles, and refine your narrative with each revision and editing. Allow your story to evolve and flourish as the secrets in “The Da Vinci Code” unfold gradually.

Don’t: Rush the Journey

Beware of the temptation to rush through the revision process. Just as Robert Langdon meticulously deciphers symbols, take time to decode your words and ensure that every element of your story aligns harmoniously, whether you read Angels and Demons, Inferno, The Lost Symbol, or The Origins. The narrative keeps you sitting on the edge until the last chapter unfolds the entire mystery.

The Craft of Editing – Carving a Masterpiece

In the literary atelier, editing is the sculptor’s chisel that shapes a block of marble into a work of art. Our next destination is George Orwell, the visionary behind “1984” and “Animal Farm.” Orwell’s prose is known for its clarity and precision; again, his secret lies in the art of revision and editing.

Do: Cut the Excess

Follow Orwell’s advice and wield your editing chisel to trim unnecessary words and passages. Let each sentence serve a purpose, just as the principles of Animalism guided the farm animals’ actions.

Don’t: Sacrifice Substance for Style

Be cautious not to sacrifice substance for style. As you edit, remember that your message is the heart of your story, and clarity should reign supreme, just as it did in Orwell’s warnings against totalitarianism.

A Symphony of Emotion – The Tolstoyan Touch

In the vast landscapes of literature, Leo Tolstoy reigns as a master of portraying human emotions. His novels, like “War and Peace” and “Anna Karenina,” delve into the depths of the human soul. How did Tolstoy infuse such raw emotion into his works? The answer lies in his skillful use of revision and editing.

Do: Harness the Power of Emotion

Channel your inner Tolstoy and harness the power of emotion in your writing. As you revise, breathe life into your characters, infusing them with genuine feelings that resonate with your readers, just as Levin’s introspections touched the hearts of “Anna Karenina” readers.

Don’t: Lose Yourself in Complexity

As Tolstoy balances love and war in his narratives, remember not to lose yourself in the complexities of your story. While emotion is a powerful tool, strive for a cohesive narrative that captivates your readers without overwhelming them.

Hemingway’s Prose – The Art of Simplicity

Ernest Hemingway’s prose is a testament to the power of simplicity. In works like “The Old Man and the Sea” and “A Farewell to Arms,” Hemingway’s concise yet impactful style captures the essence of human experience.

Do: Embrace Conciseness

Take a leaf from Hemingway’s book and embrace conciseness in your writing. As you edit, eliminate unnecessary embellishments, allowing your story to speak for itself, just as Santiago’s resilience spoke volumes in “The Old Man and the Sea,” and who can ever forget “The Moby Dick.”

Don’t: Sacrifice Depth

Don’t sacrifice depth to pursue simplicity. Hemingway’s iceberg theory taught us that a world of meaning lies beneath the surface. Strike a balance between brevity and depth, revealing just enough to captivate your readers. Take them on an adventure in pursuit of the great white whale in the depth of the northern waters.

Austen’s Timeless Elegance

In the world of romance and wit, Jane Austen’s novels have withstood the test of time. In works like “Pride and Prejudice” and “Sense and Sensibility,” Austen’s timeless elegance shines through.

Do: Refine Your Dialogue

Take a cue from Austen’s refined dialogue and carefully edit your conversations. Each word your characters speak should carry weight, just as Elizabeth Bennet’s clever retorts added charm to “Pride and Prejudice.”

Don’t: Lose Sight of Character Development

Remember, within the ballrooms and society engagements, not to lose sight of character development. Austen’s keen insights into human nature were the heart of her stories. As you revise, nurture your characters’ growth, letting them blossom into fully-fledged personalities.

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