Prevent a Book Marketing Plandemic in 2023: Essential Tips and Strategies

The world has gone through many changes after the COVID-19 pandemic. The publishing and marketing sectors have also undergone various significant fluctuations. Authors are turning to self-publishing, and the competition for grabbing readers’ attention has exponentially increased. In this new landscape, robust marketing strategies are essential for effective outcomes. However, with so many options available and without a marketing expert, it is easy to fall into the marketing plan plandemic. In 2023, thinking more advanced and implementing more impactable marketing strategies will be crucial to getting the best book marketing services results. This blog will discuss the ideas and proven techniques for better consequences. So, let’s dive into the ocean of book marketing and its tactics.

What Is Marketing Plandemic?

A marketing plandemic is the equivalent of jumping on the bandwagon. The term refers to the execution of marketing plans that fail to deliver good results. In other words, a marketing plandemic is when you blindly follow marketing trends without conducting research. But thankfully, there are ways to avoid these miseries from occurring. You may follow these steps to prevent developing a marketing plandemic or to heal it if you are already smashed.

Signs Of A Book Marketing Plandemic

1.      Blindly Following Trends

Blindly following trends without research or customization can backfire in marketing campaigns. Prioritize through research and planning to ensure successful execution.

2.      Focusing Only On Social Media

While social media drives unpredictable trends in book marketing, overlooking other platforms and trends can harm your efforts and transform your book marketing into a haunting nightmare.  

3.      Ignoring The Target Audience

To boost your book’s popularity and achieve effective results, prioritize targeting your relevant audience. Always keep your target audience in your mind, and steer clear of any marketing plandemic.

4.      Overlooking The Importance Of Branding

Neglecting your branding signals a book marketing pandemic. Effective branding showcases your values, beliefs, and author persona, piquing audience interest. When branding excels, readers quickly recognize your book through market presence, website, or bookshelves.

How To Avoid A Book Marketing Plandemic In 2023?

1.      Research And Analysis

Proficient research and analysis are essential steps for better and more effective marketing execution. This research may include the following: Who is your target audience? Research and define your readers in five Ws: Who are they? (age, education, and income)? Don’t forget your online buyers! What do they want to buy (printed book, ebook, or audiobook)? When and where do they buy (Try to provide them better user experience)?

2.      Create Some Impactful Content

Your book’s content or branding must be written impressively. For instance, if someone asks you about your book, how do you describe it as a 6” X 9” softcover book with 300 pages? Sounds awkward, right? It must have a short description of your belief in your content and a message from you (the author) that can provide value to your readers.

Everyone loves change for the better ways; try to keep your content aligned to help people reach their goals. Peoples purchase books to see what information they can have from the author or the book. For instance, if the book is about weight loss, don’t market it as a diet book, as your readers will be more likely to look attractive and healthy.

3.      Make A Better Communication

You have written a book. Great! However, merely writing a book is not sufficient enough to connect with your audience. You must approach the right target audience at the right time. Engage your audience by providing concise book descriptions across multiple channels. Customize your message into segments,  but don’t tell the full context of your book; go for creating suspense about it. This type of connection will create irresistible communication and make them curious to buy your book.

4.      Consider The Cost

Most publishers and authors have misconceptions about price and cost. Price refers to the amount they consider to cover the cost and make some profit. But your buyers don’t care about what the cost is to the publisher; they care about what the price is to them. They only value what they will get from your book. How much does the alternate option cost them? Successful market analysis and research always help to identify what people are willing to pay.

5.      Look For Your Competition

Many authors say that their books have no competition. Being a book marketing expert, I would suggest they re-evaluate the size and demographics of their potential audience. Because if a book has low competition, it must have less opportunity to survive in the market. For instance, you have a book published on “How to Create Your Kingdom.” This book will probably have low competition and even low sales rates. However, to stand among your competition, try to set a minimum price rate with some extra value according to your targeted audience. These values can work as promotional sales.

Solve Your Book Marketing Game

Marketing plans are just like road maps; if you follow the road signs or drive on the right roads, you will reach your desired destination. If not, you will end up in a whole different place. You will be far from your destination. Creating an effective marketing plan can be a nightmare if you don’t know the right marketing tactics. If this still sounds daunting, you may ask for professional help from our book marketing experts. With our team of book marketing strategists and experts, we provide the best and most reliable book marketing services. Following the strategies and tips, you can easily create an effective and dependable book marketing campaign. Feel free to contact us for additional details. We will connect you with our book marketing experts to make your book shine in the market.