Genre for Writing

How to Choose a Genre for Writing Your First Book?

You have landed here, which means you’re probably new in the writing world and are in need of some assistance. Can’t think of a way to start? Or are you struggling to choose your genre for writing your first book? 

Deciding the genre of your book is crucial before starting to write the book. Finding an appropriate genre can’t be that challenging if you have already written a book. However, there are a few factors that can help you to decide the genre of your first book. 

  1. Choose What You Love to Read

Usually, one loves to write about what they love to read. Therefore, you can start by choosing and exploring the genre you love. For instance, if you like reading horror stories, you will mostly love to write a horror novel or story. Why not start from there?

But that’s just one to do it. Don’t limit your writing to what you love to read (unless you really want to try your hand at that). You can also come up with things you live through every day. For instance, if you got an excellent love story, write that down; who cares if you don’t read them? There are people out there who love reading such stories. 

However, to get acclimated to the tone, you must read the most popular books in that particular genre. It can take some time to discover your niche as a writer, but with trial and error, you will eventually discover it.

  1. Don’t Write to Earn Money

Writing is not an easy money-making career choice; you will likely get frustrated soon. Getting a book to sell takes effort and time. So, the idea of becoming a millionaire by writing stories or books is a bad idea. If you are thinking about earning money by publishing your books or novels, you will drain the essence of your writing. 

Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life.”

  • Confucius – David Forman
  1. Always Keep Your Audience in Your Mind 

If you want to make your writing engaging and fun to read, always keep your audience in your mind. So, if you are trying to target teenagers, you need to write a story they can relate to. You can write on the most popular topic among young adults. If you are writing about love, your target audience can be middle-aged women.

  1. Try Different Genre for Writing
Genre for Writing
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If you are still confused and unable to choose your first book’s genre, you can try writing short stories in different niches. Through this, you can identify which story you enjoyed writing most, and you’ll have your answer. One of the smartest ways to go about this is to read, as this will give you a clear idea about the categories and types of writing. Mixing up the genre can be great if there’s an interesting idea brewing in your mind.  

Identify the Element from Your Genre for Writing

Instead of choosing a genre, you can pen down your story and then identify elements from it to specify a genre. Such as, is it a romance story? Does it include crime scenes, suspicious and thrilling encounters? What is the most prominent aspect of the story’s plot? Answering all these questions will assist you in deciding a genre for your book.  

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