Book Launch Event

Host a Successful Book Launch Event With These Tips

Introduction to Book Launch Event

Publishing a book is a time-consuming process. It takes up your creativity, energy and money all at the same time. Therefore completing a book calls for celebration. A book launch event is perfect for celebrating the milestone of your dedication and hard work.

However, hosting a book launch event as a self-publishing author can be overwhelming and challenging. A book launch event is not a book-selling event but a fun-filled occasion to show that you can take your work seriously. You can turn it into a book signing event and make it newsworthy to inform more people about your book launch. You ca also read our article for the best ideas for book marketing.

10 Best Tips for book launching

Here are 10 tips to make your book launch party a successful event.

Set a Budget

Set a budget before organizing a book launch, and plan and prepare a list of expenses to invest in your launch. It does have to be extravagant, but it should have adequate arrangements to make it enjoyable. It may take up the same expense a small get-together requires.

Find an Ideal Venue

Find a suitable venue with ideal environments, sitting arrangements, ventilation and lighting to host an adequate event. Choose a location that matches the theme of your book launch event. Book launches are usually held at libraries and bookstores. However, it can change according to the book’s subject or genre.

If it’s a children’s book, you can launch it at a children’s museum. You can also hold it in big hotels or restaurants lobbies if you’ve written a cookbook or any other relevant work. If the weather is cool and breezy, you can also hold an outdoor signing event with proper shelters and sitting arrangements. Make prior arrangements to ensure there is no mishap at the end moment.

Invite Your Circle and Public Figures

Apart from your friends and family, send invites to famous authors, public figures and other celebrities to join the event. It is the perfect occasion to market, sell and promote your work. Therefore invite as many people as you can. Comb through your friend lists, emails and social circle to invite people. You can use Facebook to get the word out and attract more people to the event. 

Use Social Media for Promotion

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are your greatest allies in social media marketing. You can create a beautiful poster or add your book photos, venue details, and contact information. You can also write a nice pitch to pique the interest of your readers or visitors. Start promoting two weeks before the event. You can also create a YouTube video and countdowns to attract followers to your book’s launch event.

Offer Refreshments

A book launch is not just about your book. You also have to provide the best ambiance and environment to your guests. One of the best ways to make them feel welcome is by offering refreshments. It does not have to be a full-course meal. You can offer beverages, cookies, muffins or pizza rolls. If you are low on budget, consider setting up a cash bar for alcoholic drinks where people pay to enjoy a beer while distributing the nonalcoholic items for free. These refreshments help the visitor stay longer and buy more books.

Active Book Marketing

Create Standees, posters and banners with your book’s front and back cover, an author testimonial and an author bio to hang at the venue. Display the standees around your book signing table and at the entrance to tell people what to expect. You can also add famous quotes from your book or set a fixed color scheme that matches your book cover and the event’s theme. You can also add props and decoration that helps the visitors remember your book easily.

Bring Many Books

The more, the merrier. Ensure you have enough books stocked to leave no customer empty-handed. It is better to overestimate your sales goal than run out of books during the event. It will give a negative impression to the visitors. Bring as many books as possible since a launch is the biggest-selling event of your career.

Book Signing

Apart from your signature, prepare a small inscription to add to each book. These inscriptions are specifically relevant to the book, character or the reader. For example, JK Rowling wrote an inscription on her harry potter book as follows:

“To Ruth and Joel

Who looks like Harry’s long lost cousin.”

Prepare a Short Speech

It’s an event to celebrate your hard work. Therefore people would want to hear your views and feelings about it. Prepare a short speech to describe what the book means to you and address the people who have come to support your venture. If it is a big venue, prepare a microphone beforehand. You can start with a funny anecdote to gain the visitor’s attention and conclude with a thank you to your audience.

Get To Know People

A book launch is the perfect occasion to mingle with people, get to know them better and leave a memorable impression on them. Although you may not get to speak to each of them directly, make sure to meet as many people as possible. It makes them feel acknowledged.

Show Gratitude

One of the most overlooked factors of this event is showing gratitude to your guests. You can thank them in your speech, during talking or make a small announcement at the end of the event to show how thankful you are for their participation. You can also prepare small gifts like bookmarks or pens to show gratitude.

Hire Book Publishing Services for your Book Launch

A book launch is usually a one-man show for a self-publisher, but there is only so much you can do simultaneously. It isn’t easy to organize, manage and host an event simultaneously. Many book publishing services have introduced their book launch services to share your burden such as Finest Resume Writers. Sit back & relax while we care for your budget, venue and Promotions.