How to Find the Ideal Narrators for Audiobooks

Fact: Did you know that narrators for audiobooks possess a unique power to transform mere words into a captivating symphony for the ears?

You’ve got your words carefully crafted and meticulously penned, and now you have the opportunity to take flight and reach the hearts and minds of listeners. But here’s the catch—finding the right audio narrator is not just important; it’s crucial for producing a high-quality audiobooks that truly engages the audience’s imagination.

Let’s explore the different avenues available to you. We’ll venture into the land of voice-over services, where an array of voices beckon, waiting to bring your characters to life. 

Or, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, we’ll delve into the world of hiring professional narrators for audiobooks directly, allowing you to handpick the vocal virtuoso who perfectly embodies the essence of your story.

Hiring a Narrator for Your Audiobook – Our Tips

Let’s guide you through the process of assembling the ideal voice to breathe life into your literary masterpiece.

1. Experience: 

We’re not looking for amateurs here. Expert narrators with a wealth of experience are key. Seek out those who can deliver a flawless performance devoid of pesky background noises, interruptions, or any other errors that would disrupt the immersive experience. 

It’s easy to find one. Do your due diligence by examining their social media presence and online portfolio. Active engagement within the industry is a solid indicator of their expertise in voice-over jobs.

2. Voice:

This must perfectly harmonize with the tone and style of your book. The chosen voice actor should possess the versatility to embody diverse characters, effectively convey emotions, and set the mood as if casting a spell. 

Consider factors such as age, gender, accent, and the specific genre or type of audiobook you’re trying to create. Whether it’s the authoritative tone of non-fiction, the whimsy of children’s books, or the cosmic allure of science fiction, choose wisely.

3. Sample Recordings:

Always demand a demonstration of their vocal prowess before sealing the deal. Listening to sample recordings allows you to assess their tonal nuances, stylistic choices, and overall professionalism. Audio narrators who are experienced and talented will never shy away from sharing their sample recordings.

4. Home Studio: 

The modern narrators for audiobooks is equipped with a state-of-the-art home studio. This means they can record at any time without the need to waste valuable time and resources on external studios. Efficiency, convenience, and quality—traits that resonate with the genius within us all.

5. Payment: 

You have two options: pay a fixed rate per finished hour (PFH) or opt for a royalty share arrangement. The former is a common practice in the industry, attracting the more seasoned audiobook narrators. Consider your budget and the level of talent you aspire to have alongside your words. A wise investment will ensure that your audiobook soars to new heights.

6. Recording Software: 

Make sure that your chosen audiobooks narrator possesses the appropriate recording software. The goal is to achieve nothing short of excellence in sound quality; the end result must be the audible equivalent of the finest Stark Industries invention.

From Where Do I Snag Up Extraordinary Narrators for Audiobooks?

Given below are the most coveted locations where these audiobook narrators dwell.

1. Voice-Over Services: 

Our first stop takes us to the domain of voice-over services. These treasure troves of talent offer a vast array of narrator for audiobook, each with a unique set of skills and vocal prowess. 

Platforms like ACX,, and AMZ book publishing are packed with experienced narrators eager to lend their voices to your literary creations. Navigate these virtual marketplaces with care, and you shall unearth the gems hidden within.

2. Literary and Audiobook Communities: 

Venturing deeper into the land of audiobook narrators, we encounter the vibrant communities that thrive within. You can engage with fellow authors, audiobook enthusiasts, and industry experts through forums, social media groups, and conferences. 

These gatherings are fertile ground for networking and gathering recommendations that can lead you to the narrators who possess that mysterious “X factor.”

3. Narrator Agents and Managers: 

You can seek out these guardians of talent, for they possess a keen eye and an ear for excellence. By forging alliances with these esteemed professionals, you can gain access to a realm where extraordinary narrators are curated and nurtured.

4. Audiobook Awards and Festivals: 

The Audie Awards, The Voice Arts® Awards, and the London Book Fair’s Audiobook Awards are a few of the illustrious gatherings where the crème de la crème of narrators gather. 

Attend these celebrations of audiobook artistry. Within their grandeur lie opportunities to witness greatness, and you can forge connections with audio narrators who have garnered well-deserved praise.

Should I Hire a Narrator for Audiobook or Do It Myself?

Well, it depends. Here are some factors that will answer your question.

1. Do You Have Time for It?

First off, do you have all the time in the world? We mean, who needs a social life or sleep when you can spend hours upon hours locked in a room, reading your own book out loud? 

If you’re a master of time management or have an uncanny ability to clone yourself, go for it. Otherwise, think about hiring a professional who can get the job done while you enjoy life’s other pleasures.

2. What about Voice Acting Skills?

Are you the Shakespeare of voice acting? Can you effortlessly switch between characters, accents, and emotions? If your friends and family are constantly amazed by your stunning voice talents, then recording your own audiobooks is a no-brainer. 

But if you’re like most of us mere mortals whose attempts at dramatic reading end up sounding like being strangled, maybe it’s best to let the pros handle it.

3. Do You Have a Recording Studio?

Do you have a top-notch recording studio at your disposal? Most of us don’t have soundproof rooms with state-of-the-art equipment just lying around. 

If your “studio” is more like a cramped closet filled with old winter coats and mysterious boxes, you might want to consider outsourcing the recording to someone with a more professional setup.

4. What about the Budget?

If you have an overflowing piggy bank and hiring a professional won’t make a dent in your wealth, go ahead and indulge. 

But if you’re like the rest of us, constantly debating whether to splurge on a latte or save those precious dollars, recording your own audiobook might be the frugal option. Remember, the quality might not be on par with the big-name narrators.

5. How Complex is Your Book?

Think about the complexity of your book. Is it a simple, straightforward narrative or a fantastical epic with a cast of a thousand characters? If you’re a literary wizard with a knack for accents and character voices, you’ll have a blast doing it yourself. 

But if your book involves more personalities than a reality TV show and you end up sounding like a confused ventriloquist, consider the professional route.

6. The Merciless Market

And finally, let’s not forget the merciless market. Listeners out there have some seriously high expectations. If you want your audiobooks to compete with the big boys and girls, a professional narrator is your best shot. 

But if you’re happy with your audiobook gathering dust in the forgotten corner of the internet, go ahead and record it yourself. You’ll have the satisfaction of saying, “I did it my way,” even if it’s just you and your mom who end up listening.

Having Second Thoughts? Let Us Help You Out

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