ebook Writing The Unexpected Truth About Publishing in Digital Format!

ebook Writing: The Unexpected Truth About Publishing in Digital Format!

Welcome, my fellow Men of Letters, to the exciting and revolutionary journey of eBook Writing. There you are – relaxed, happy, and excited – finally, finished scripting your book. Cheers! And now it’s time for the hard part: considering how to publish it. Should you go the traditional route and publish a physical print book or take the digital path and release an eBook? The choice is more complex than you might think.

While eBooks are convenient and environmentally friendly, print books have a certain prestige and credibility. As an author, you want the largest possible audience to read and enjoy the culmination of all your hard work weather by eBook writing or simple book writing. The good news is you can pick more than one format. With some strategic planning, you can have your cake and enjoy it by publishing it in print and digital.

Let’s discuss a few things you should consider as you weigh this important decision.

The Rise of eBooks: Why They’re Here to Stay

EBooks are here to stay and for a good reason. As an author, you need to consider publishing in this format. Here are a few reasons why eBooks should be part of your publishing strategy:

E.books are convenient:

People can download an ebook instantly and read it on their phone, tablet, or e-reader whenever they want. No waiting for shipping or having to stop by a bookstore.

Ebooks are environmentally friendly.:

No paper, ink, or tangible materials are used in producing and distributing ebooks. This reduces waste and your carbon footprint.

Ebooks have a global reach:

Since there’s no physical product to ship, anyone worldwide can purchase and download your book. This opens you up to new potential readers.

Ebooks allow you to update content:

If the information in your book becomes outdated, you can easily release an updated version of your ebook. Print books are static once printed.

Ebooks provide more flexibility:

You can bundle ebooks together, offer special promotions and discounts, and even give away free ebook samples to help promote your work. While print books aren’t going away anytime soon, ebooks provide compelling benefits for readers and authors. At a minimum, consider offering your book in print and digital formats to take advantage of the strengths of each. The rise of ebooks means more opportunities to get your words in front of readers. Why not make the most of it?

The Benefits of Ebooks for Authors

So you’ve written your book, and now comes the big question—should you publish it in print or as an ebook? For many authors today, ebooks are the clear winner as eBook writing is more convenient. Here are a few reasons why:

Ebooks are inexpensive to produce:

 You don’t have to pay for printing, binding, or shipping costs. All you need is make a digital file of your book, and you can publish it on major ebook writing retailers like Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

Ebooks generate higher royalties: 

Most retailers pay 70% ebook writing writers from their listed price, compared to the 10-15% typical print books. That means more money in your pocket for each sale.

Ebooks reach readers instantly:

Once your ebook is live, readers worldwide can buy and download it immediately—no waiting for printed books to be shipped and delivered.

Ebooks are eco-friendly:

No paper, ink, or fossil fuels are required to produce and distribute ebooks. They have a much smaller carbon footprint than print books.

Ebooks give you more control: 

As an ebook writing writer, you can easily change your book and re-upload a new version as eBook writing is more easier. You also have more flexibility in pricing and can run promotions or make your eBook free to boost visibility. While some readers still prefer the experience of reading a printed book, eBooks dominate the publishing landscape today. As an author, publishing in eBook format first is your best path to success. Then, if there’s enough interest, you can always release a printed version down the road. The benefits of eBooks and eBook writing are hard to beat!

Why Print Books Aren’t Going Anywhere

While ebook writing is popular and convenient, print books are going nowhere. Here are a few reasons why print books will stand the test of time:


There’s something special about holding a physical book in your hands. The texture of the pages, the smell of the paper and ink, the weight of the book—these sensory experiences can’t be replicated on a screen. For many readers, print books feel more substantial and permanent. They can be collected, displayed, and passed down through generations.

Eye Comfort:

Looking at screens for extended periods can lead to eye strain. Print books are easier on the eyes and more comfortable for long reading sessions. There’s no glare, harsh lighting, or refresh rates. Readers can sit outside in natural light or curl up anywhere without an electronic device.


Studies show that readers comprehend and retain information better when reading print books versus ebooks. Turning pages, highlighting passages, and writing notes in the margins engage more of the senses and support memory formation. Information in print books feels more concrete and “sticky” in our minds.

While ebooks and audiobooks are convenient and popular, especially with younger generations, print books have enduring qualities that resonate with many readers. The choice between print and digital ultimately comes down to personal preference. There’s room for both in the publishing landscape for the foreseeable future. Print books aren’t going extinct; they’re just sharing the shelves with their electronic counterparts.

Should You Publish an Ebook or Print Book First?

This is a big question – which might be continuously bleeping in your mind—should you publish it as an ebook or print book? Which one first? The answer may surprise you.

Publish as an Ebook First Because:

Publishing as an ebook first offers some key advantages.

  • It’s faster and more affordable to produce an ebook.
  • You can have your ebook ready for sale within a week or two without investing in print production costs.
  • Ebooks also have higher profit margins since no printing, shipping, or storage fees exist.

Also, it builds Your Audience:

Taking the way of eBook allows you to start building your audience and generating revenue immediately. You can then use your ebook sales and reviews to help attract a publisher for the print version or crowdfund the print edition. An established ebook audience shows publishers and crowdfunding backers that your book has demand and interest.

Go Wide or Stay Exclusive:

You can distribute your ebook “wide” across many ebook retailers or enroll in Kindle Unlimited to be exclusive to Amazon. Going wide, especially at first, allows you to reach more potential readers. You can switch to Kindle Select exclusivity later if it proves to be more profitable.

Once your ebook is gaining traction, consider publishing a print book. The print edition will give you even more readers who prefer physical books. It also allows for opportunities like book signings, library partnerships, and getting your book into brick-and-mortar bookstores.

Build your audience with an ebook first before diving into a print book. Let your readers and sales demonstrate the demand, then use that momentum to attract a publisher or raise funds for self-publishing the print edition. Both ebooks and print books have their advantages and disadvantages, but following this sequence can set you up for the best chance of success. So, get your ebook ready—your readers are waiting!


So there you have it; while ebooks and print books each have their pros and cons, as we said earlier, the answer could be more complex than you might think. The right format for you depends on your goals and priorities as an eBook writing author.

The good news is you don’t necessarily have to choose one or the other. Many authors find success by publishing in both formats. A hybrid approach lets you take advantage of the unique benefits of each medium and reach the widest possible audience. The most important thing is sharing your message with readers in a way that feels right. So take some time to think about what matters for your book and your brand. Then choose to allow your creative eBook writing work to have the biggest impact.

A Comprehensive Solution for Your Book Publishing Needs

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Q: Which is better, an ebook or a printed book?

Ebook writing could be the way to go if instant global distribution and higher royalties sound appealing. But if you value the prestige and tangibility of a physical book, the print may still reign supreme.

Q: Why are eBooks better than print?

Higher profit gains, the fast building of audience, and worldwide recognition- all just so quickly. So why not go digital with your piece?

Q: Why printed books are the best?

Here are a few things depending on which we prefer to say printed books are the best.

  • Suppose you live in a remote area with frequent power outages. Their printed books are your best friends.
  • Feel an emotional connection with a piece and want to add to your collection for your guests. Then you’ll love to buy a hard copy of it.
  • No batteries or charging is required; easy on the eyes, can read in any light, and makes you feel the touch of every word.

Q: Do eBooks sell more than print books?

In short, yes. While print books sale is lethargic and slow, e.Books sales are swift, easy, and cheap. So people who are fond of reading and are so occupied with carrying a printed book all the time prefer to buy a digital copy and an e.Book.

Q: Are e.books profitable?

With rightly done marketing, e.Books sales are enormous and quicker than printed books. Within a few weeks, you can generate more than double what you would get from investing in printed copies.